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Yes, our Nylon range is suitable for all dogs, no matter what their jaw strength. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to ensure that they choose the right sized chew for their dog. Owners should choose a product larger than their dog’s mouth. Once a TastyBone becomes smaller than a dog’s mouth it should be removed and disposed of.

Yes, Nylon and Dental TastyBones can be cleaned using tepid water.

We have a number of stockists throughout the world, check out our stockist page or contact us to find a stockist near you. Mighty TastyBones should be placed within the toy section of your store.

A natural based polymer made from a percentage of starch and a low density polyethylene.

Our Flexible TastyBones are recommended for light chewers, puppies and senior dogs. Its soft, pliable material can prevent damage to the dog's teeth. Our Edible TastyBone is also designed as a tasty treat for small dogs and soft chewers.

The Dental bones are designed with unique ridges and nodules to help massage the gums, increase saliva and break down plaque, preventing the build-up of tartar. When the dog bites the bone, it will create grooves and ridges in the bone which scrape the teeth, having a cleansing effect. The minty flavours also help to banish dog breath!

Yes, in some cases bleeding may occur. Like humans, dogs gums will bleed if there is a build-up of tartar on the teeth. Bleeding will reduce the more the bone is chewed, and oral gum hygiene improves. Should you be concerned please contact your vet

Yes, over a period the bone will reduce in size. As a dog chews the Nylon bones, small rice sized pieces will naturally shave off. These pieces are completely safe for dogs to ingest and will pass through their system without causing harm. If and when the bone becomes smaller than the dog's mouth it should be removed immediately and disposed of. Dogs should always be supervised when enjoying any TastyBone.

Yes, when the dog is chewing on the TastyBone products, small shavings will pass through the digestive system and will re-appear when the dog next poos.

TastyBones are perfect for dogs that need to lose weight. They are made from 100% nylon, human grade synthetic flavouring made out of herbs, spices and vegetable dye, meaning they contain zero calories.

All of our bones have flavouring that will last the life of the bone. The flavour and smell of our bones are not always detectable to humans, and it is the saliva in a dog's mouth which helps to bring out the flavour. Sometimes a dog may not show interest in the bones or a particular flavour. Many customers have left the bone around the house and found that the dog has suddenly later decided that it is interested. Dogs are ruled by their noses, so a suggestion to bring out the smell of the bone is to pop it into a bowl of warm water to reactivate the smell.

The materials used in TastyBones are non-biodegradable, meaning they will not degrade over a reasonable amount of time (approximately 15 years).

TastyBones are perfect for dogs with allergies as there is no wheat, dairy, additives or meat. The flavours of the bone are made from 100% herbs and spices.