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Our Range

"I chew everything"

Packed with flavour and exceptionally tough, the TastyBone Nylon range is our tried and tested offering that keeps even the most vigorous chewers chomping for days. They satisfy every bit of a dog's urge to gnaw, and the uniquely infused flavours provide your dog with everything from doggy favourites such as Beef, to world cuisines with the Hoisin Duck flavour. Plus, they taste just as lip-smackingly good from start to finish.


Who said keeping a canine's gnashers in mint condition had to be a chore? The TastyBone Dental range maintains the same toughness, long-lasting flavour and shape variety as you've come to expect from a TastyBone, but these mighty minties do a lot more than just keep pooches out of mischief. Our Dental range helps to improve and maintain good oral hygiene, with unique grooves and ridges on the surface to scrape and cleanse teeth, and minty flavours that help to banish dreaded dog breath!


Puppies, young dogs and senior dogs have delicate teeth that can be damaged by hard chews, so our softer, pliable Flexi Range is the perfect option for satisfying a lighter urge to chew. Plus they are tasty too!