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Written by Romy

Have you ever thought, “My dog’s breath smells”… and wondered why and what you could do about it? You aren’t alone! We all love snuggles with our furry friends, but these aren’t so cute when they’ve got stinky breath. Thankfully, it’s usually easy to tackle and we can show you how to successfully clean your dog’s teeth to prevent the smell from returning.

The most common reason for smelly dog breath is due to a build-up of bacteria on their teeth called plaque. Similar to when humans get bad breath; plaque promotes the growth of ‘bad’ bacteria which produces an unpleasant odour. If this isn’t removed it can cause irritation to the gums. Despite gum disease being preventable with education around how to clean your dog’s teeth, The Kennel Club states that 80% of dogs suffer from gum disease before they are three years old, that’s a lot of bad breath! There are numerous health conditions that are linked to bad breath so if the smell is persistent it is worth contacting your local vet.

How do I clean my dog’s teeth?

The bad smell can usually be significantly improved by cleaning your dog’s teeth frequently. Here are TastyBone’s top tips for cleaner teeth…

      1. Make brushing your dog’s teeth part of a routine

Our dog’s teeth should be brushed as often as possible, ideally every day. But, studies show that even brushing them once or twice a week can help prevent plaque build-up and eliminate bad breath. Make sure you use a dog-specific toothpaste and brush as these are more gentle on your dog’s teeth and are often flavoured to reduce resistance. If your dogs won’t let you brush, be patient and take things slow. Rewarding brushing with a treat after will help them tolerate the process by associating it with a positive act.

        2. Use dental chews and toys

One of the easiest, most effective ways to keep your dog’s teeth clean is by providing them with chews and toys that are purpose-built to clean and strengthen their teeth. TastyBone’s Dental range helps to improve and maintain good oral hygiene. With unique grooves and ridges on the surface to scrape and cleanse teeth. They are also infused with minty flavours that will go a long way to banish dreaded dog breath!

       3. Provide dental treats paired with a healthy diet

Dental treats are a great way to keep on top of your dog’s hygiene and health. However, treats should be given to your dog sparingly as knowing how to keep your dog’s teeth clean through frequent brushing is the most important factor in maintaining good oral hygiene. A healthy diet is also vital to keeping your dog’s teeth clean as many unhealthy foods can cause plaque build-up due to the large sugar content.

As important as it is to understand the underlying reasons behind bad dog breath, what we really want to know is how to get rid of it. Our top tips for clean teeth should have you saying goodbye to your dog’s bad breath for good. As with most health problems, prevention is the best cure, so go and get yourself a dog toothbrush and start brushing your dog’s teeth once a day to prevent any plaque build-up.