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How to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Sparkling & Clean

Written by Jack

We all love our dogs, so it’s hard when it comes time to help them face the truth… their breath stinks.

Dental problems are one of the most common health issues amongst dogs over the age of three. Bleeding gums, tooth loss, and gum disease can all be side effects of poor dental hygiene. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can keep your dog’s teeth fresh and clean…

1. Feed Your Dog the Right Food

A healthy diet is important for your dog, and it’s also vital to keeping your pooch’s teeth clean. Many unhealthy foods can stick to a dog’s teeth and build up plaque and bacteria. Quality, whole-made food will nourish a dog’s body while also strengthening their teeth. Try food made from meats, vegetables and fruits. This also extends to snacks and treats, which are full of sugar, fats, and cereal grains. Instead, try treating your dog with carrot slices, apple slices and pumpkin pieces.

2. Make Teeth-Brushing Part of a Routine

Dogs can be like people at times; when there’s something we don’t want to do, we make it very clear. So when it comes time to brush your dog’s teeth, you’re going to face a lot of resistance. However, they’re less likely to struggle if teeth-brushing is a regular part of their routine. So, if you’re morning to-do list involves walking the dog then feeding him/her, try introducing teeth-brushing before or after they eat to help ease them in.

3. Use Tooth Wipes

Some dogs are dead-set on a brush not getting anywhere near their teeth. But there’s a good selection of alternatives to brushes that you can use to keep your pooch’s teeth clean. One such alternative is a dog tooth wipe. These wipes allow you to clean your dog’s teeth as well as using a brush. They also help to remove plaque, tartar and bacteria.

4. Canine Dental Sprays

Canine Dental Sprays are perfect for dogs that hate brushes and can’t stand having hands in their mouth. These sprays reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar and help to control the bacteria that causes bad breath. They also give your dog minty-fresh breath, meaning it won’t smell so bad when your fur-baby comes to give you a kiss.

5. Give them a TastyBone Chew

One of the best things you can do to help keep your dog’s teeth clean and fresh is giving them a chew that’s purpose-built to clean and strengthen canine teeth. TastyBone dental chews are perfect for keeping your dog entertained, cleaning their teeth and keeping their breath fresh and helping to remove plaque.