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Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe This Autumn

Written by Steph

Autumn can be a busy and exciting time for the whole family, with Halloween and Bonfire Night providing long nights of fun. However, with so many unfamiliar sights and sounds, busy streets and extravagant outfits, things could get a bit too much for your canine companion. So here are a few tips to help you keep your dog calm, happy and safe this autumn.

Keep your dog as calm as possible

Whether it’s where their bed is kept, the kitchen where they know food is kept, or in the living room where they know mum and dad usually are, your dog will likely have a favourite room in the house. That’s why you should keep your dog in their favourite room where they know it’s safe and secure. Make sure their bed is easily accessible and their favourite toys are close by. Also, if you regularly listen to the radio or watch TV while your dog is near, turn the volume up a bit more than normal. This should help muffle the sound of fireworks and loud trick-or-treaters.

Keep doors shut

With Halloween comes trick-or-treaters nagging on your door hoping for some sweets. But this can also lead to the chance of your dog slipping through the door and getting out into the hustle and bustle. To avoid incidents like this, make sure you leave your dog in their favourite room with the door firmly shut whilst you answer the front door to trick-or-treaters.

Don’t pressure your dog into a costume

Some dogs absolutely love getting to play dress up. But no matter how cute you think your dog would look in a witch outfit, your dog might be uncomfortable with wearing an outfit. Some pooches can become distressed by wearing outfits, and so you shouldn’t force your dog to wear one. Added stress like this won’t help when combined with the other distractions and excitement from Halloween or Bonfire Night.

Give your dog plenty of exercise early in the day

The best way to get your furry friend through a busy noisy night like Halloween or Bonfire Night is for them to sleep through it. And what better way to get a dog to sleep than to let them run ragged and tire themselves out? Take your dog for a good long walk earlier in the day and give them plenty of exercise. Then, once the evening festivities begin, they’ll hopefully be too tired to notice the noise. Following on from the previous point, make sure you only walk your dog before dark. The evening time is when Halloween and Bonfire Night activities take place, and so this is the time when your dog is most likely to be stressed and uncomfortable.