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A TastyBone World Tour

Written by Shannon

Join us on our woof-tastic tour around the globe as we visit the world’s cutest pooches and explore their favourite TastyBone products. Our tasty chews are infused with long-lasting, lip-smacking flavour promoting strong healthy teeth and saying bye-bye to dog breath! Perfect for the more vigorous chewers, TastyBone chews are made from 100% tough Virgin Nylon and are designed to last. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 100-day guarantee on all Nylon Bones. Now, that’s what we call tail-waggingly good!

Our first stop is Vancouver, Canada. Where we met @bubbagumpbulldogs, he’s a mighty chewer and loves nothing better than to chomp down on his Beef flavoured Nylon Bone. With every bite, Bubba’s gums and teeth will become stronger and healthier, protecting against infections, tooth loss and vet fees.

Next, we headed to Ljubljana, Slovenia, where we found these beautiful furry sisters @lun.ivy, who love to share everything including their favourite TastyBone chew. And, Guess what? Our tough Nylon Bones come in a range of flavours including; Hickory Smoked SteakChocolatePeanut Butter and Bacon.

In the picturesque town of Ericeria, Portugal, we met the debonair @romeu_bulldogingles who’s also a fan of our Beef flavoured Nylon Bone. In fact, his favourite thing in the whole world is chewing his  Nylon Bone. We don’t think he’ll let anybody take that off him anytime soon!

Next on our world tour we travelled down under and found the gorgeous @goodboy.louie. Who had just been treated to a Lamb Nylon Bone, by his human parents. Louie loved his treat so much that he hasn’t stopped chewing since. The Lamb Nylon Bone is perfect for dogs of all sizes from toy breeds to giant dogs.

For our fifth and final stop we had to stay in Oz where we stumbled across this cute fella. @zeustheschnelpie lives in Brisbane, Australia and loves nothing more than chewing his Roast Beef and Red Wine flavoured Nylon Bone.

TastyBone is proudly made in Great Britain and is loved by all dogs worldwide, why not treat your pooch to one today? Don’t forget to share a picture of your tail-wagger with its favourite TastyBone product with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram