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Curious about TastyBone? The ENTIRE range explained

Written by Robin

Looking for new ways to treat your pet? Do you have questions about why TastyBone has taken the canine community by storm? We’ve got the answers you’ve been searching for as we go through the entire range below! Across the range of TastyBone products, including custom-made nylon chew toys for the toughest of chewers, to the tastiest delights even a human would be jealous of, we make sure quality is guaranteed for your pet.

All of our TastyBone products are manufactured and packaged in the UK. We do not compromise on the quality of our tasty chew toys, ensuring they’re always hitting the highest standards possible. We’re so confident we can deliver the goods for your pet that we offer a 100 day guarantee – specifically on our Nylon Trio Bones products – so if your dog somehow manages to chew through one, you’ll receive a new TastyBone. Not sure which one to choose? We’re here to showcase the entire range for you below!

TastyBone Nylon

Our TastyBone Nylon range is prepped and ready for even the toughest of chewers. Packed with plenty of flavour and satisfying the urge to gnaw, our nylon chew toys help to improve your dog’s oral hygiene, promoting strong and healthy teeth.

First things first, an important point to keep in mind when picking the perfect TastyBone for your pet, is that size is vital. If you’re looking to pick a flavoursome chew toy for a sausage dog, choose a small sized bone, if you have a great dane, choose a mega bone. This eliminates the potential choking hazard associated with a dog playing with a product that’s too small for their size, and gives you peace of mind that they’re getting their teeth into the right bone for them!

We pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of outstanding nylon chew toys for your pet so when they give you big eyes trying to earn a treat, you can give them the best in class. Unlike other competitors who simply coat their products with flavouring, we ensure our flavours are infused right through to the core no matter the product. We have flavours that are household favourites such as chicken, lamb and bacon that come as trio bones – triple the bones, triple the fun! Looking for some seasonal sensations? We also have flavours such as pumpkin, partridge, turkey and cranberry and even roast goose so your pet doesn’t miss out on Halloween or Christmas. Does your little companion fancy a surf n’ turf? A roast dinner? Even chocolate? With TastyBone, the options are endless.

TastyBone Nylon – QuattroBone

A 100% virgin nylon TastyBone, that is quite literally quadruple the fun, AND tastes like Fish and Chips? Cod almighty! The best thing is, that’s just the beginning. Not only do we have a taste of the British in our QuattroBone range, but we also bring other worldly classics to life such as Chorizo, Chicken Tikka and even Hoisin Duck. It’s enough to drive your dog quackers with happiness and a must-have addition to your hound’s flavour collection. Not only that, it keeps your furry friend occupied with their new favourite toy, whilst helping to maintain stronger, healthier teeth and gums, that aids good oral hygiene.

TastyBone Dental

Want your pet’s teeth to be sparkling from their new favourite chew toy? Our range of Dental TastyBones focus on both maintaining and improving oral hygiene, whilst allowing your pet to have fun while they’re at it. Why can’t your dog have minty fresh breath like the rest of us? We have trio bones, dental bones and even our very own TastyBrush, so your dog can brush their teeth too. We’ll get your dog’s gnashers gleaming!

Choose from flavours such as raspberry, parsley, cinnamon, or even classic chewing gum flavours such as spearmint and peppermint – what’s not to love!  

TastyBone Flexi

We all want the best for our furry little friends, and for certain dogs you’ll need to be mindful about what they get their teeth into. Particularly young or senior dogs that have more delicate teeth. Luckily thanks to our TastyBone Flexi range they won’t miss out on any of the fun! Whether it’s our chicken flavoured ring or bone, we make sure that your dog can get stuck in even if they need a softer chew toy and improve their oral hygiene as well as letting them in on a classic flavour at the same time.

So that’s the full TastyBone range explained! Click this way to take your pick. Maybe it will be a TastyBone nylon chew toy, with a hoisin duck flavour that will have them getting stuck in for weeks on end. Perhaps you’ve got a furry little friend that needs a flavoursome chew that will get their oral hygiene in mint condition? A very young or senior dog that needs a chew toy that’s made specifically for their delicate teeth, yet still packed with flavour? At TastyBone, we’ve got you covered with flavoursome chews that are permanently tasty for your little companions. 

TastyBone WILD

Our TastyBone WILD range, inspired by nature, offers a safer, long lasting alternative to the real thing while bringing the taste of the wild into your household. We’ve infused nature’s favourite flavours of Antler Venison and Yak Cheese that’s both suitable for small to medium breeds, and has zero shelf life – what’s not to love? Our naturally shaped chews are wrapped in special plastic-free eco packaging that has the environment at heart – who says dogs can’t take a walk on the wild side whilst maintaining their oral hygiene? 

So there you have it, a full in-depth review of everything TastyBone, from quadruple the fun with our worldly classic flavoured QuattroBones, our TastyBone Nylon range that’s packed with plenty of taste and prepped for the toughest of chewers. You can get two birds with one stone with our TastyBone Dental range to eradicate your pooch’s bad breath, improve dental hygiene and even have your pet play around with our TastyBrush so they can clean their teeth on the go – what’s not to love? We have our TastyBone Flexi range both in ring and bone shapes to help puppy or senior dogs get their teeth into toys that are a little more gentle on their gnashers. Finally, take a walk on the wild side with our TastyBone WILD products, packed with natural shaped chews that explore flavours such as Yak Cheese and Antler Venison so you can serve up something special for your furry friend! So many options for you to treat your pet, this range really is the mutt’s nuts!

Have you tried some of our TastyBone range yet? Why not let us know what’s your favourite on social media, don’t forget to tag us and your furry friend could make it onto one of our posts in the near future!