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Best Podcasts for Dog Lovers

Written by Camille

Podcasts have become a huge form of media over the last decade. There are now over 750,000 podcasts worldwide with over 30 million podcast episodes. In the US alone, around 62 million people are listening to podcasts every week. There’s also pretty much a podcast for everything these days, so of course, there are some great podcasts are focusing on our furry friends. So if you’re a self-professed dog devotee, here are a few podcasts you should be listening to…

Can I Pet Your Dog?

All dog lovers have an irrepressible compulsion to pet any dog they find. And this is where fans will be able to relate to this podcast’s hosts Renee Colvert and Allegra Ringo. Every Tuesday, they chat about dogs they’ve encountered throughout the week, update listeners about the big news in the canine world, and converse with special guests about their experiences with their dogs. There’s also a fun segment called Mute Minute where the hosts tell you everything you need to know about a specific breed.

Where to Listen: All episodes can be downloaded or listened to online here –

The Dog Trainer Quick and Dirty Tricks

First-time dog owners may struggle with getting their new fur baby to behave. That’s why the Dog Trainer podcast is perfect for anyone looking for some quick & simple tips for training your dog. If you’ve got a question about pooch training, the Dog Trainer has an answer for you. Updated weekly, the podcast covers a wide range of topics, from fostering dogs, to which volunteer group to join, to simple, easy-to-teach tricks and lessons for your dog to learn.

Where to listen: All episodes are available on iTunes.

Working Like Dogs

There are plenty of important jobs that well-trained dogs take on to help their hooman counterparts. That’s why the Working Like Dogs podcast is perfect for listeners who want to learn about dogs in roles search as police/military work and service dogs (for blind/handicapped people). The podcast explains to listeners everything that goes into the training and care of these dogs, and the daily tasks they will go through in their vital role. This podcast does a great job at shining a light on an overlooked aspect of the skills and uses dogs can have.

Where to listen: All episodes can be found online here –

Creative Dog Training

Another podcast for those looking for some tips & advice, Creative Dog Training has a vast catalogue of episodes covering several topics and situations you’ll no doubt encounter in your training struggles. Even experienced dog owners who have had canine companions for years will find new and inventive tricks to teach and ways to get their dog behaving perfectly.

Where to listen: All episodes can be found online at their website here –

Pure Dog Talk

How do owners of award-winning pooches keep their top-of-the-class dogs in such great shape and condition? That’s what the Pure DOG Talk podcast is here to find out! Speaking to experienced entrants of prestigious shows like Crufts and the World Dog Show, host Laura Reeves details the hard work that goes into getting a purebred dog into competition shape, with training tips for any dog show hopefuls listening. From preservation breeding to obedience and field work, to the differences between agility and therapy dogs, this podcast has everything you need to know about purebred dogs.

Where to Listen: All episodes are available on iTunes.