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8 things to put on your dog’s Christmas list

Written by Sam

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…except for Christmas shopping, that part of the festive season can be pretty stressful. With a mountain of presents to buy for friends and family, you want to make sure your pup also gets in on the action too.

So, if you’re looking for some ideas on what to get your dog for Christmas, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for 8 things you need to put on your dog’s Christmas list for 2020.

1) A cosy new bed

Is your dog’s bed looking a bit worse for wear? This Christmas might be the time to invest in a new one. Your dog might not appreciate the change at first but if you introduce the new dog bed slowly they’ll soon come to realise that the new version is definitely more comfortable. Opt for beds with sheepskin or fleece interiors for added cosiness. Your dog will soon be snoring away in their new digs!

2) A festive TastyBone

Looking for a festive chew toy that will keep your dog busy for hours? Our festive TastyBone range comes in a range of flavours and the long-lasting taste will keep your pooch coming back for more. Take your pick from Honey Roast Ham, Turkey and Cranberry, Roast Goose and more and your dog will be licking their lips in no time. The entire range is made out of durable virgin nylon and is able to withstand even the most aggressive chewing. Overall, you’re sure to be on to a winner with a festive TastyBone!

3) Festive treats

Nothing quite makes a dog’s ears prick up quite like the word ‘treat’. Your dog will be sure to come running if you fill his/her stocking with tasty Webbox treats from the festive range. From Tasty Sticks, to Chomping Chews to delicious Turkey & Cranberry Chipolatas, the taste of Christmas is only a few clicks away. And if you want to give your dog a truly magnificent Christmas dinner, why not go for the festive Chub Roll? 

4) A brand new collar

A new collar is a great way to give your dog a hip new look (sort of). Not only are collars functional and can help identifying your dog should they ever get lost, they also give your pet that extra bit of personality. If your pup is a princess, opt for something pink and sparkly, if your pup is a handsome chap, a deep shade of red or royal blue will look great. You can even buy special festive themed collars if you really want to get into the Christmas spirit! 

5) A squeaky toy

Sure they’re a bit annoying, but dogs love a squeaky toy. The reason they like them so much is because the sound they make is similar to the sounds prey would make once they’ve been captured. Let your dog embrace their canine instincts this Christmas and choose from a wide range of squeaky toys online. Shop the Webbox festive toy collection today.

6) A soft blanket

Just like humans, dogs love being snuggled up with a blanket, all cosy and warm. You can shop a wide range of snuggly blankets designed especially for dogs and choose a colour to suit their personality. Some stores even offer personalisation and we guarantee there will be nothing cuter than seeing your dog relaxing with a blanket with their name on it. 

7) A new dog bowl 

Nothing will make your pup feel like a king or queen than a sparkling new dog bowl. Make every meal look appetising when you serve it up in a cute porcelain dish. You can also get personalised dog bowls, so if you really want to push the boat out then it’s worth having a look at these online.  

8) A new set of balls

Playing fetch with your dog is an excellent way to bond with them. As a general rule, tennis balls tend to get dirty and ragged quite quickly so what better time to replenish your supply than Christmas? They make excellent stocking fillers, are inexpensive to purchase and will guarantee hours of fun for you and your dog. 

What are you buying your dog this Christmas? Connect with us on social media and tell us all your ideas!