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6 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Written by Jordan

In life, there are dog people, and there are cat people. And even though there’s nothing wrong with either side, at TastyBone we tend to side more with our dog-loving brethren. The fact that we make dog chews has nothing to do with this (ok, it does a bit). That’s why we’ve compiled 6 reasons why our canine companions are better than those cat people’s feline friends. We take no responsibility for any arguments this list may cause, nor the ruining of any friendships or relationships.

Dogs Make You Laugh More

Cats, by their nature, are a very serious bunch. Dogs, however, are silly creatures, who are more than willing to do something daft for their own, and your, entertainment. So, if you’re looking to get some more laughter in your own life, get yourself a fluffy, fun-loving woofer to brighten up your days.

Dogs Make You More Social

If there’s one thing we love just as much as our dogs, it’s telling other people how much we love our dogs. And that’s where our doggos help us meet new people and form new relationships. Whether it’s through speaking with other owners on a walk or chatting to people out in public about their life as a dog lover, your dog is helping to bring you closer to other hoomans.

Dogs Help You Exercise

No one likes exercising. Even the fitness fanatics who pretty much live in the gym probably don’t like exercising that much. But it’s got to be done, so why not make it less painful by bringing your furbaby with you? Whether it’s just taking the dog for a walk or bringing them along for a run, your dog is always full of energy and ready to get you on your feet.

Your Dog is Always Happy to See You

If you own a cat, you’re usually lucky if your cat’s in the house to welcome you home from a day at work. Cats usually disappear on their own adventure in the day, and even when they are home, they only give you attention when they want your food. But with a dog, no matter the situation, they are always happy to see you when you walk through the door.

Dogs are Incredibly Loyal

If your house was on fire, your dog would do everything it could to save you. Your cat, on the other hand, would probably run away & climb up the nearest tree. Dogs are hugely loyal to their owners and will do everything they can to help and protect their owner. So if you’re looking for a pet who’s always going to have your back, then a dog is always the safest option.

Dogs Can Be Trained

To some extent, a cat can be trained. However, a cat is a cat, and a cat’s gonna do what a cat’s gonna do. However, a dog’s ability to learn and follow commands far exceeds their feline counterparts. Yes, your dog will always be naughty and ignore rules now and then. But overall, dogs have more potential for learning and listening to you.