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5 Things For You & Your Dog To Do This Weekend

Written by Jack

Dog owners love nothing more than getting their furry friends involved in every seasonal holiday activity possible. This ranges from present opening at Christmas to wearing all kinds of spooky outfits at Halloween. Unfortunately, you can’t involve your dog in everyone’s favourite Easter pastime; chocolate binging. Thankfully, we’ve got some great activities you and your pooch can take part in to get them in the Easter spirit!

1.    Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are always fun, so who says your dog can’t go hunting too? Getting your canine companion to use their sniffing skills to find some tasty treats is a fun exercise that’s great for your dog both physically and mentally. Use plastic openable eggs to hide treats, with small holes to help your dog sniff out their delicious smell. Along, engaging hunt out in the spring sun will do wonders for your pooch. Or, if the famously dour British weather decides to make an appearance, you can always turn your home into a hunting zone by hiding eggs around the house.

Remember, if there’s a chance your dog will swallow a traditional plastic Easter egg in one gulp, or crunch it into his gums and swallow the shards, he’ll have to go on an egg-less hunt. So if your dog doesn’t react reliably to a “leave it” command, or if he snatches items and plays keep-away with them, forgo the plastic eggs as well. Rather than plastic eggs, you can use stuffable dog toys, or simply hide the treats.

2.    Easter Photoshoot

There are certain things in life that are guaranteed. One of them is that when a holiday comes around the corner, a dog owner will dress their pet in the cutest outfit possible. And Easter is no different, with a wide variety of adorable outfits for you to fit your dog into. There are plenty of sartorial options to dress your dog in to give them the seasonal look. Remember, not all dogs enjoy wearing outfits. So if your dog is showing signs of distress or discomfort, be sure to remove the outfit immediately. And if you’re feeling particularly artistic, there’s also a wide variety of backgrounds and settings you can use to help your fur-baby feel like they’re in an Easter wonderland!

3.    Go for a Picnic

Food, sun and the great outdoors – everything a dog could ask for. If you’re looking to give your dog a chance to go run himself ragged, a lovely picnic is the way to go. Whether it’s an hour at your local park or a drive out to somewhere new, a picnic is both a great chance to get the family together to celebrate Easter and a chance to give your dog time to enjoy himself in the outdoors.

4.   Bobbing for Easter Eggs

Bobbing for apples is traditionally a game for Halloween. But who says you can’t switch things up and play the game at Easter? By filling up a baby pool (or “doggo” pool) with water and placing some treat-filled plastic Easter eggs in will create a fun and engaging game for your dog that stimulates his mind as much as it gets his nose working. We also recommend putting treats in the plastic eggs rather than biscuits, as the water may get into the egg and dampen the biscuit. Your dog won’t be too keen on some soggy biscuits for a reward!

5.   Spend the Weekend Away

Maybe you and your dog are just looking for some downtime together to enjoy the long weekend. In this case, a weekend away is the perfect opportunity for you and your fur-baby to get away from the stress of daily life and relax. There are plenty of spots in the UK that love accommodating our canine companions. And with the weather set to be a scorcher this weekend, your dog will love spending time in the sun in new surroundings.