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5 Reasons why TastyBones are more than a one-minute wonder

TastyBones are much more than just your standard chew. They’ve been created to satisfy an array of needs, for every pooch.  From long-lasting bones to tasty treats, here’s just a few reasons why every dog needs a TastyBone!

  1. Tough, oh so tough – Our Nylon TastyBones are 100% Virgin Nylon, making them tough, durable, while of course still being extra tasty!
  2. Something for everyone – Well not quite everyone, but whether you have a greedy pup or a serial slipper eater there is a TastyBone for every pooch. Available in an array of different sizes and flavours, we even have a puppy pack for your tiny teethers to enjoy!
  3. Keeping nashers clean – Our Dental TastyBones feature ridges and grooves to massage your dog’s gums and help reduce build-up of plaque and tartar. They also come in a range of fresh minty flavours to banish stinky breath.
  4. Hours of amusement – Much more than just a one-minute wonder, TastyBones will keep your hound amused for hours. In fact, our Trio Bones even come with a 100-day guarantee, so those four-legged chew monsters will be entertained for hours.
  5. Lots of flavour- each of our bones come in a variety of tasty flavours that are infused right to the core. So whether your doggy is a cheese lover or potty for peanut butter, we’ve got something that will tickle their taste buds.

Now that you know how much TastyBone has to offer, why not treat your pooch to one today? Don’t forget to share pictures of your doggies and their TastyBones on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!