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5 reasons why mixed breed dogs make the best pets

Written by Sam

Thinking about getting a new dog? For many pet parents, purebred dogs are often viewed to be the better choice. While purebreds are more predictable when it comes to behaviour and temperament, as well as being approved to compete in dog shows, this doesn’t mean you should write mixed breeds off. There are actually many advantages if you take home a mixed breed over a purebred dog; we take a look at 5 reasons why mixed breed dogs make the best pets!

They’re less likely to become ill

Mixed breed pups generally have a much lower chance of being born with inherited congenital diseases, such as hip dysplasia, cataracts and hypothyroidism. Defective genes are naturally left out during the mating process when two dogs of different breeds mate; biology really is amazing that way! As a responsible pet parent, your dog’s health is most likely your number one priority so this is an important consideration when deciding what dog to get. 

They’re full of surprises

When you take home a mixed-breed pup, many owners won’t know exactly what to expect. While this is seen as a negative for some pet parents, we love surprises here at TastyBone! Whether the dog turns out much smaller than expected when they’re fully grown, or ends up much larger than you ever could have dreamed, you can always depend on TastyBone for the perfect sized nylon dog chew. Discover our extensive range right here

They don’t cost as much

Many purebred pups cost a lot of money to take home. The Covid-19 pandemic has also seen breeders increase their prices drastically due to increased demand. You don’t need to pay thousands of pounds to welcome a furry friend into your family and mixed breeds are likely to be a fraction of the initial price. 

They have the best personalities 

Different breeds are known for having certain personality traits. With a mixed breed, you’ll likely get an amazing combination of personality quirks that you never would have expected! This makes mixed breeds all the more unique and interesting. If you’ve got a vibrant personality, a mixed breed is probably the perfect dog for you! 

They need a home

Many mixed breed dogs end up in shelters and are in need of a loving home. There’s nothing more rewarding than adopting a pet that needs a nice family to care for them. Mixed breeds make amazing pets and as long as you give them your whole heart, they will be sure to give you theirs right back! 

Are you thinking about getting a mixed breed dog or do you already have one? Connect with us on social and tell us about your experience.