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5 Best Dog-Friendly UK Holiday Destinations

Written by Sara Wren

One of the biggest difficulties of going away for a summer holiday is deciding what to do with your dog. After all, no one wants to go through the trauma of seeing those sad puppy-dog eyes as you take them to a friend’s house for a couple of weeks. So we’ve put together 5 great holiday spots in the UK that’ll be more than welcome to you and your four-legged friend!


Cornwall is one of the most popular destinations for a UK getaway, especially for pet owners. In fact, in 2017, 13,078 dogs went to Cornwall for their jollies. With numerous beaches for your dog to get wet & wild in and miles of scenic landscapes to run around, there’s plenty to keep your fur-baby entertained. There’s also plenty of sights for the family to see, including a visit to the Eden Project and exploring the grounds of Tintagel and Pendennis castles.

Cumbria/Lake District

Some holiday-goers like to spend their time away lounging around and enjoying some downtime. Others like to get active while the weather gives them the opportunity. So if you’re one of these more active individuals, then Cumbria is the perfect destination for you and your pooch. There’s plenty of fascinating, picturesque ruins, buildings and landscapes to see. There’s also plenty of large wide-open spaces available for your dog to stretch their legs and enjoy themselves.

Peak District

Some people’s idea of a great holiday is a stroll through a quaint town, taking in the sights, meeting the locals, and ending the day with a relaxing pint while your furry bestie curls up at your feet by the fire. If you’re this laidback holiday enthusiast, then the Peak District is the perfect summer spot for you. There are more than 100 dog-friendly pubs in the area, perfect for a lovely meal and a refreshing drink after a long day of walking. For your strolling & sightseeing pleasures, you can see the famous Chatsworth House, or you can also take the challenge of walking Kinder Scout, a stunningly scenic area of land that is the highest point of the Peak District.


Another favourite amongst UK holiday-goers. Devon is well regarded as a holiday destination for its pleasant weather, stunning coastal views, and fascinating architecture. Dog owners will have plenty to keep their four-legged friend busy. The town’s long beaches, scenic walks and varied landscapes will keep any dog happy for a good long walk. For your sightseeing needs, there are the informal garden areas of Castle Drogo and the stately home of Killerton which allow dogs to visit.


If you and your pooch are avid walkies enthusiasts, then you’ll be spoilt for choice on a trip to Northumberland. The town’s long-distance trails can be separated into lots of smaller, more sizeable, routes and often can be intersected by numerous shorter paths. This provides your dog with lots of variety on their walks while providing an opportunity to take in Northumberland’s varied landscape from different perspectives.